How To Become An
Exceptional Leader
In 50 Days.

Actionable Tips for Evolving from Manager to Leader


So, you’re a manager now. Are you ready to lead?

Becoming a manager requires more than updating your title on LinkedIn. This book compiles 50 best practices and tips to get you started.

Who should read this book?

This book was written for modern managers and talent teams who recognize that leadership development is imperative to building a strong corporate culture. A majority of employees in the U.S. are not engaged at work, but this challenge can be addressed by developing managers’ communications and soft skills.

What’s inside?

This book takes a day-by-day approach to improving leadership skills as a manager. The best practices are simple and actionable, allowing readers to begin implementing them immediately. Key topics include:

  • The basics: How to build the foundation of your career as a manager
  • Leading from within: How to dial up your strengths & course-correct your flaws
  • How to manage & communicate with people of different personality types
  • Culture-building: How to facilitate a vibrant and transparent team environment & more advice for your continued growth as a manager