About us

Making the workplace a better place to support frontline employees everywhere

Why we created Butterfly

Butterfly was born out of the collective experiences of its co-founders, David, Simon, and Marcus, who found themselves facing considerable challenges when they first stepped into management roles. As new managers, they grappled with the intricacies of comprehending their teams' emotions, needs, and aspirations, recognizing that the key to unlocking employee engagement lay within the manager-employee relationship.

Determined to make a meaningful impact and foster more supportive workplaces, they decided to create Butterfly as a solution to the dilemmas faced by people leaders everywhere. Together they designed a tool that would not only help them serve their teams more effectively but would also empower other managers to become better leaders in the process.

"If you’re looking for a system to bridge the gap between you and your employees and improve productivity, Butterfly.ai is a no-brainer.”

Bryan Bowen
HR Business Partner

The Butterfly Effect

The name "Butterfly" was chosen with a deliberate nod to the renowned Butterfly Effect. It serves as a powerful metaphor for our mission, encapsulating two key principles.

  1. Akin to the Butterfly Effect, we believe that small acts of engagement within an organization can ripple outward, generating significant and far-reaching improvements in performance and the bottom line.
  2. Just as a butterfly's presence is light and effortless, we designed our software to seamlessly integrate into your daily operations, requiring minimal effort while delivering substantial, positive impact.

This name embodies our commitment to fostering meaningful change in the workplace through simplicity and the recognition of the profound impact of small actions.

The team

Meet our founders

David Mendlewicz


Marcus Perezi-Tormos


Simon Rakosi