Make your retail team the best it can be

Retain your salesfloor associates and boost profitability

Top drivers of engagement for retail workers

Our industry-proven feedback tool helps organizations like yours track and improve the things your employees care about most

  1. Career advancement
  2. Collaboration
  3. DE&I

Engagement makes your business flourish

On average, companies with engaged employees see:

25% ⬇ Turnover: Organizations report a 25% reduction in turnover when employees are engaged - Harvard Business Review
28% ⬆ Customer Satisfaction: Engaging your employees increases customer satisfaction by 28% -World Happiness Report
18% ⬆ Productivity: Companies with highly engaged employees see up to an 18% increase in productivity - Gallup

Improve the employee experience for your retail staff

  • Stay connected to your teams across all store locations and departments
  • Communicate in their preferred language
  • Foster a positive and inclusive workplace culture

"If you’re looking for a system to bridge the gap between you and your employees and improve productivity, is a no-brainer.”

Bryan Bowen
Bryan Bowen
HR Business Partner

Enhancing Operational Excellence at Backcountry's Warehouse

Backcountry, a dynamic player in the outdoor online retail industry, faced the intricate challenge of managing a diverse workforce across various shifts. The implementation of, an employee feedback platform, introduced a systematic approach to addressing operational issues and fostering managerial efficiency.

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