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How it works

Butterfly is the first employee intelligence platform to offer real-time leadership coaching to managers informed by ongoing team feedback and pulse surveys.

Give a voice to your team

Butterfly collects real-time employee data via short pulse surveys based on five scientifically-backed drivers that contribute to overall workplace satisfaction.

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Understand your team

Within an intuitive and customized dashboard, individual managers, senior leadership and HR teams can glean real-time insights from their teams and identify macro-trends across the entire company.

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Turn team insights into action

By facilitating a constant feedback loop between managers and teams, company leadership and individual managers can support teams in efficient and actionable ways.

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Take appropriate action

Butterfly provides HR and managers with the right tools to help manage and support teams and managers in the most efficient way.

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Teams that use Butterfly

Facilitate conversations between leadership, talent teams, managers & employees

Strengthen managers’ soft skills

Improve team engagement & workplace satisfaction

Foster a company culture of transparency and communication

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"Butterfly has been a great platform to create a real time dialogue within the team and help me and the leadership team be more aware and ultimately better in our management role"
Emmanuel Seuge SVP, Content Marketing at Coca-Cola
"Butterfly has been a fantastic tool in getting a feel for how the team is doing and if there’s any action needed to correct a conflict. Great all around."
Ismail Elshareef VP, Open Platform and Innovation at Ticketmaster
"Butterfly has helped me
understand my team better"
Benjamin Snyers Managing Director at Social Lab US

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