Engage Your
Deskless Workforce

Use Butterfly engagement tools to drive conversation with deskless employees and receive focused insight for their managers.

Why Butterfly?

Deskless workers make up 80% of the global workforce. Butterfly is the first tool dedicated to their engagement & happiness in the workplace.

Butterfly’s cloud-based engagement tools are designed for deskless employees who are often disconnected, mobile or working in shifts.

By engaging these team members who are rarely included in ongoing feedback programs, organizations see positive improvement in productivity and employee turnover.


Discover How Butterfly Works for Your Industry!

Accesible Integration

to reach your team members

Our surveys are accessible directly within your performance, time- and attendance-tracking systems, which helps drive higher response rates.

Anonymous Pulse Surveys

to listen to your employees

Our academically backed survey methodology ensures that you get the most effective feedback from deskless employees.

Dynamic Dashboard

to understand how they feel

Managers have access to real-time survey results and managerial reports that they can export.

“At Ticketmaster, we’re obsessed with data. Butterfly helps us quantify exactly how happy our teams are. We can see trends—and resolve them—before they become a problem.”

Sherry Taylor

Executive Program Director, Ticketmaster