Dura-Line's 37% Decrease in Worker Turnover

Evelyn Cools
August 31, 2023
Dura-Line's 37% Decrease in Worker Turnover

“If you’re willing to listen to your people, and you want to know the truth and you want to get better, Butterfly is perfect.”

Dura-Line's 37% Decrease in Worker Turnover
Jody Zurbrigg
Plant Manager
  • 37% decrease in worker turnover and a 80% increase in the team’s mood scores
  • Transformed culture and created a lasting change in Dura-Line’s communication processes
  • Improved manager responsiveness, accountability, and leadership capabilities

How a Plant Manager Created a Collaborative Environment with the Help of Butterfly

When Jody Zurbrigg was hired in December 2020 as the production manager at Dura-Line, people were looking for the exit. “Supervisors were flustered, stressed, overworked, and mistakes were constantly happening, The workers on the floor were growing exhausted of the oppressive management style at the branch and many were looking for a way out ” explains Jody.

Being the only Dura-Line location in Canada, the branch was isolated from upper management for over a year as no one could cross the US-Canadian border due to the global pandemic. Within months, the Butterfly transformed the culture at the branch and created lasting change in Dura-Line’s communication processes, as well as a drastic improvement in employee turnover.

Improving the Engagement from Workers While Reducing Employee Turnover

It was around this time that Jody started to endorse the use of Butterfly. Using the tool, the Canadian team was given the chance to speak up and share their opinions with their secluded executives in the US. With Jody at the helm, employees are listened to and encouraged to share their opinions and concerns. “I truly believe in the servant leadership model. I believe I work for the people that report to me,” explains Jody.

Implementing this new feedback tool yielded significant results, with a 37% decrease in worker turnover and a 80% improvement in the team’s mood scores.

Management Accountability: A Major Driver To Employee Engagement

A huge factor in the Canadian team’s success is the utilization of the Butterfly tool. Management must be willing to create an engagement culture and advocate for the use of tools that will help team members participate. Actions need to be taken on the concerns people have, and if not an action, then at least a response or explanation. Butterfly revealed a clear correlation between higher manager activity and responsiveness and better employee engagement and productivity.

By getting involved and genuinely caring for their employees’ satisfaction, frontline managers can directly positively impact their teams’ morale, engagement, and productivity, leading to a positive trend of manager responsiveness, accountability, and improved leadership capabilities.

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