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Why use Butterfly

Boost Retention, Productivity, and Safety

Use employee feedback to directly impact your bottom line

The power of butterfly

One simple tool to transform your organization

Retain and Attract Employees

Improve employee experience and decrease turnover by ensuring workers feel seen, heard, and satisfied in their jobs

Make Every Manager a Leader

Give your frontline managers the tools they need to contextualize feedback, take action and become better leaders

Meet Company Goals

Gain measurable feedback on academically-backed drivers of employee engagement that align with your business objectives and strategies

Integrate Butterfly Seamlessly

Easily integrate Butterfly into your company’s operating systems, HRIS and time tracking management tools

Get Expert Advice on Employee Engagement

Receive ongoing support and guidance from the Butterfly team to ensure you are meeting your engagement goals

The power of the Butterfly effect

Discover the full Butterfy product in detail

We already support 30,000+ frontline managers worldwide
Butterfly is all about data

Real insights lead to real results

Butterfly delivers actionable insights and engagement tools to reduce turnover, increase productivity and improve employee well-being


decrease in worker turnover


increase in work productivity


reduction in safety incidents

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"If you’re looking for a system to bridge the gap between you and your employees and improve productivity, is a no-brainer.”

Bryan Bowen
Bryan Bowen
HR Business Partner

Enhancing Operational Excellence at Backcountry's Warehouse

Backcountry, a dynamic player in the outdoor online retail industry, faced the intricate challenge of managing a diverse workforce across various shifts. The implementation of, an employee feedback platform, introduced a systematic approach to addressing operational issues and fostering managerial efficiency.

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