LISTEN features

Collect feedback throughout the employee journey



Capture consistent feedback

Consistently gather feedback from your workforce to enable data-driven decisions and enhance the employee experience

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Get insights to improve onboarding and retention

Understand worker sentiments throughout the employee journey, engage with them as they reach specific milestones, and boost retention from day one

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Conduct Engagement & DEI Surveys

Tailor-made surveys for diversity, equity & inclusion goals, analyze data and empower managers with personalized action plans for engagement and diversity initiatives

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Instant Feedback

Receive immediate feedback on any topic

Collect one-off feedback on particular subjects to engage with and address the needs of your workforce beyond the scope of routine surveys

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Anonymity & Privacy

Employee feedback is precious. We will protect it.

Butterfly is a third-party application that ensures employee anonymity. Feedback and responses remain completely confidential, allowing employees to express themselves freely without revealing their identity.

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Smart channels

Reach out to employees their way

Communicate with teams anonymously wherever they are working from, in any language


Engage your teams onsite


Send messages directly to their mobile devices, no app download needed


Connect through MS Teams, Slack or email


Integrate with your company’s communication software


The standard way is often the best way. Simple emails sent to your collaborators.


Leverage real-time reporting

Manager & HR dashboards

Empower your managers with customized, user-friendly reporting and clear focus areas so they can become better leaders


Uncover opportunities for improvement across different parts of your organization

Data tracking

Visualize trends for specific drivers, departments & teams and track their evolution over time

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“With Butterfly, the limitations of traditional feedback mechanisms are no longer an obstacle in providing front-line employees with what they need and want.”

Fritz Aldrine
Fritz Aldrine
Vice President, Employee & Labor Relations
Pitney Bowes

Increasing Productivity by 19% in 30 days at Pitney Bowes

Looking at the landscape of modern corporate structures, it is common for frontline managers to oversee dozens of people at the same time.

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