Get insights to improve onboarding and retention

Understand worker sentiments throughout the employee journey, engage with them as they reach specific milestones, and boost retention from day one

What you'll get

Get ahead of turnover by using milestone-based check-ins to improve the onboarding experience and ensure workers feel recognized by their managers throughout their employee journey

Define key milestones as triggers

Define key milestones as triggers

Send automated check-ins as employees hit key milestones, such as their first day on the job, onboarding completion, work anniversaries, training progress, and more

Build custom surveys or messages

Build custom surveys or messages

Create custom surveys or congratulatory messages for each specific milestone you would like to address

Use real-time insight to nurture employees

Use real-time insight to nurture employees

Harness real-time data to improve your onboarding process, make workers feel recognized throughout their employment, and retain employees from day one

Smart channels

Reaching employees their way

Communicate with teams anonymously wherever they are working from, in any language


Engage your teams onsite


Send messages directly to their mobile devices, no app download needed


Connect through MS Teams, Slack or email


Integrate with your company’s communication software


The standard way is often the best way. Simple emails sent to your collaborators.

Anonymity & Privacy

Employee feedback is precious. We will protect it.

Butterfly is a third-party application that ensures employee anonymity. Feedback and responses remain completely confidential, allowing employees to express themselves freely without revealing their identity.

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Butterfly is all about data

Real insights lead to real results

Butterfly delivers actionable insights and engagement tools to reduce turnover, increase productivity and improve employee well-being


decrease in worker turnover


increase in work productivity


reduction in safety incidents