Enhancing Operational Excellence at Backcountry's Warehouse

Evelyn Cools
August 31, 2023
Enhancing Operational Excellence at Backcountry's Warehouse

"If you’re looking for a system to bridge the gap between you and your employees and improve productivity, Butterfly.ai is a no-brainer.”

Enhancing Operational Excellence at Backcountry's Warehouse
Bryan Bowen
HR Business Partner
  • Enhanced productivity during weekend shifts at Backcountry's Utah warehouse through targeted improvements
  • Positively impacted bottom-line metrics and helped streamline operations
  • Improved order fulfillment and a more efficient work environment

Workforce Challenges Before Butterfly.ai

Identifying whether issues were widespread or isolated was challenging, as was gathering feedback from employees. This led to communication gaps and problems addressing concerns promptly. The absence of a streamlined approach to gather insights from employees resulted in a fragmented understanding of the work environment, making it challenging to make informed decisions that would drive operational excellence.

Data-Driven Insights: Systemic vs. Specific

Initially met with a level of skepticism, Butterfly.ai quickly emerged as a reliable and valuable tool, allowing Backcountry's managers to decipher patterns and discern whether issues were confined to particular shifts or indicative of broader problems. This data-driven clarity became pivotal in informed decision-making. 

Butterfly.ai's survey functionality shed light on nuanced improvements, ranging from minor adjustments, like facility maintenance enhancements, to overarching concerns, such as gaps in the diversity, equity, and inclusion strategy. These insights provided Backcountry with a strategic compass, resulting in refined processes and a harmonious work environment.

Elevated Productivity At a Utah Warehouse

The application of Butterfly.ai yielded tangible results in Backcountry's Utah warehouse, particularly during weekend shifts. As operational insights were translated into targeted improvements, productivity witnessed a notable upswing. This translated to streamlined operations and enhanced order fulfillment, showcasing the practical impact of the platform.

Bottom-line Impact

Butterfly.ai's integration into Backcountry's operational framework brought structure to complexity, data to intuition, and evolution to stagnation. Through systematic insights and actionable recommendations, the platform demonstrated its capacity to refine operations, elevate productivity, and create a harmonious work environment. In addition to the real impact on bottom-line metrics, a distinctive aspect of Butterfly.ai was its user-friendly interface. Backcountry's managers commended the platform's simplicity, which extended to employees, making feedback submission intuitive. 

Backcountry's endorsement of Butterfly.ai encapsulates the power of leveraging feedback technology for operational excellence.

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