5 Fun Ways to Keep Your Frontline Teams Engaged

Evelyn Cools
August 9, 2023
5 Fun Ways to Keep Your Frontline Teams Engaged

A lot of organizations think they need to make big, expensive changes to improve employee engagement. In our experience working with frontline teams, we’ve actually found that small, well-informed initiatives often have the highest impact.

Here are some fun and easy ways to engage your frontline teams immediately!

1. Put together a diverse playlist with your employees’ favorite songs

Celebrate peoples’ diverse backgrounds by playing tunes they’ve chosen throughout the workday. You’ll be surprised how excited people get when a song in their native language or they favorite genre comes on the speaker.

2. Give out annual swag items

These will feel like collectibles for your employees! It’s also a great way to engage tenured workers who will proudly wear their hoodie from 4 years ago and show their commitment to the organization.

3. Schedule simultaneous shifts for families or friends who carpool together

This is a huge hurdle for some people, especially households that share one car or don’t have access to a vehicle altogether. You’ll reduce absenteeism and make people feel supported and taken care of by their employer.

4. Set up a screen with intro cards for each worker

Create a slideshow with some personal and professional facts about each employee that is visible on the floor. This is a fun way to boost camaraderie between workers and recognize how each employee is contributing to the company’s success.

5. Add a bathroom at the other side of the building

While this may take some more resources and planning than the previous initiatives, making sure employees have access to clean bathrooms close to their workstations is a must! If someone has to cross the entire site to use the bathroom, this will undoubtedly affect their productivity and job satisfaction.

These small changes have had a significant impact on the organizations we work with. That being said, every company and site location has different needs. The best way to find out what your teams want, and measure the success of the initiatives you put in place, is by collecting regular, real-time employee feedback.

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