How To Promote Wellness In The Workplace

Simon Rakosi
August 10, 2016
How To Promote Wellness In The Workplace

You can positively affect your work environment by employing technology that will benefit the health and wellness of your team.Health equipmentHull & Knarr, for example, implemented an eco-friendly room with company-owned bikes for employees to use at their leisure. This brightly-lit room also includes lockers that contain bike accessories and showers. The purpose is to not only make healthy options more accessible, but to also encourage team bonding outside of the office. And as you know, a happier team equals a more productive team. Consider dedicating equipment for your employees to promote activity, i.e. bikes, yoga mats, etc.Smart lockers and machinesSmart lockers are another way to help your team balance their personal wellness and work. Employees can use these lockers to get healthy snacks, medical supplies, safety equipment, or even IT help. Some tech companies also have smart vending machines to provide PC accessories for their team members when they need it. Facebook employees use these machines to buy bike parts, which saves them time and encourages cycling.These technologies don't just give your team the tools to do their job, but also help to create a safer and healthier workplace. Consider using them, or just provide affordable and/or free equipment that will help your team. With technology, you can create much more accessible and productive work environments.

Source: Workforce

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