Attracting Talent in the Supply Chain Industry: 10 Successful Initiatives

Evelyn Cools
June 13, 2023
Attracting Talent in the Supply Chain Industry: 10 Successful Initiatives

As supply chain organizations face ongoing labor challenges, they are stepping up their efforts to attract new talent. Here are ten proven initiatives that have yielded positive results:

(Insights from supply chain leaders at the 2023 Warehousing Education and Research Conference)

1. Community College Outreach

Establishing partnerships with local community colleges to create tailored programs that educate and train students for supply chain careers, offering a clear pathway into the industry.

2. Instagram and TikTok

Leveraging the power of social media platforms like Instagram and TikTok to showcase the exciting and diverse opportunities within the supply chain sector, capturing the attention of a younger audience.

3. Prison Rehabilitation Programs

Collaborating with correctional facilities to provide training and employment opportunities for individuals seeking a fresh start, offering a chance to rebuild their lives while addressing labor shortages.

4. Eliminating Mandatory OT

Instituting policies that cap overtime hours at a maximum of 12 hours, promoting work-life balance and reducing burnout among employees.

5. Bi-lingual Leadership and SOPs

Emphasizing the importance of diversity and inclusivity by providing standard operating procedures in multiple languages and fostering a leadership team that is fluent in various languages.

6. Flexible Schedules

Implementing flexible work schedules that accommodate the diverse needs of employees, allowing them to balance personal obligations while maintaining productivity.

7. Job Fairs

Participating in job fairs, both virtual and in-person, to actively engage with potential candidates, showcase career opportunities, and facilitate on-the-spot hiring.

8. Investment in Salary Increases

Recognizing the value of competitive compensation packages to attract and retain top talent, companies are investing in salary increases to remain competitive in the job market.

9. Incentive Programs

Implementing incentive programs that reward employees for their performance, encouraging motivation and fostering a sense of achievement within the workforce.

10. Staggered Bonuses

Designing bonus structures that provide financial incentives at specific milestones, such as 45 and 90 days of employment, to recognize and reward employees' commitment and dedication.

These initiatives, combined with other approaches like next-day pay, improving working conditions, offering transportation assistance, and providing referral bonuses, demonstrate the commitment of supply chain organizations to attract and retain a talented workforce in the face of labor challenges.

Special thanks to Sarah O’Neill at Saddle Creek Logistics for leading this insightful session on Attracting and Developing New Talent.

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