If You Want To Foster Collaboration, Follow These Tips

Simon Rakosi
October 8, 2016
If You Want To Foster Collaboration, Follow These Tips

"People thrive in environments which free them to communicate and work together." When your team fosters collaboration, they will feel like they're part of a bigger cause. Here are some strategies to create a cohesive and active team:

Keep promises and honor requests.

Can your team count on you? Will you be there for them when they need you? When your employees can trust that you'll deliver what you say, relationships build between you and your team, as well as within your team.

Encourage people to socialize outside of work.

You can open channels of communication more effectively when you and your team socialize outside of work. It provides an environment where they can break down walls and engender trust. Outside of the office, team members can learn more about their common interests and challenges. "They experience their team members as more real, which helps to decrease individual bias, stereotyping and false objectifying."

Recognize, reward and celebrate collaborative behavior.

Whether you share them through a video, weekly meeting or even Slack, "stories of great collaboration break down the walls of individualism and honor the collective accomplishment." What performance rewards can you give to collaborative efforts?Source: Entrepreneur

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