Here's How To Build A Collaborative Team

Evelyn Cools
October 8, 2016
Here's How To Build A Collaborative Team

"People thrive in environments which free them to communicate and work together." When you have a collaborative team, your employees will feel like they're part of a bigger cause. Here are some strategies to create a cohesive and active team:

Create a clear and compelling cause.

The more compelling your mission is, the easier you can inspire your employees. When they have a clear cause to grip to, they become passionate to team goals and objectives.

Communicate expectations.

"When [employees] have a clear understanding of their position, each team member will work more effectively and without accidentally stepping on another person's toes..."  In collaborative work settings, too, each employee shares responsibility of results.

Establish team goals.

Set attainable and measurable goals for all your team members. When an employee achieves a goal, this win can help break down barriers in the team and push positive momentum. Be sure to reassess goals regularly as time progresses. And be transparent with your team about their progress; this enforces team cohesion.Source: Entrepreneur

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