Is A Co-working Space The Best Environment For Your Team?

Marcus Perezi-Tormos
September 26, 2016
Is A Co-working Space The Best Environment For Your Team?

The co-working space is re-shaping the definition of the "office." Instead of the conventional solitude of a cubicle, these home-esque spaces offer more interaction between employees. It's easier than ever to share ideas with team members from different departments. And in turn, this can increase productivity.These "hybrid environments" not only allow for a collaborative, open work culture, but also include areas for employees to silently retreat. This benefits team members who need a quiet, private space to focus on their work.Here a few more reasons for the practicality of co-working spaces:

1. The growth of teleworking

Independent workers, such as freelancers, make up a large portion of the labor force. So, many of this population need flexible work environments.

2. Millennial workers

Younger workers tend to like workplaces that blend the office and the home together. Or in the words, a space that feels both personal and professional.

3. Trust within teams

"People feel like they're more productive in the company of others that they trust." Co-working spaces allow for a more open work culture, which can help employees get to know each other and work better together.Does your team need a co-working space? Or if your employees already have one, what do they want to see changed in their space?Source: NPR

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