How To Foster Collaboration? The Answer Is Proximity!

Simon Rakosi
October 9, 2016
How To Foster Collaboration? The Answer Is Proximity!

Do you want to foster more collaboration within your team? The answer is simple: Your employees need proximity!

"The MIT research [study] looked at the work that went into 40,358 published papers and 2,350 patents developed at the university from 2004 to 2014, and found that actual face-to-face interaction and sharing workspace led to more collaboration across different disciplines."The research determined that if someone is working nearby another team member, they'll more likely have frequent, substantive conversations together.The researchers also found that those "who sat in the same work space were three times as likely to collaborate on papers compared to those who" were farther away.If you want to embrace and encourage collaboration in your team, ensure that they can work together face-to-face.Source: Entrepreneur

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