To Create A Positive Work Culture, Nix The Negativity

Evelyn Cools
September 19, 2016
To Create A Positive Work Culture, Nix The Negativity

Negativity spreads fast within the workspace. Don't allow setbacks and letdowns to hurt your team's performance and work morale. Below are three methods to encourage positive thinking and restore your employees' energy in the workplace:

1. Hire positive people.

"One bad apple spoils the bunch."  Look for more than just skills and experience when you recruit a team member. Assess their personality and character, too. Your potential employee should be a team player who will strengthen the company's culture, not weaken it.

2. Praise in public, criticize in private.

When a team member excels in their performance, share this achievement among their colleagues. This creates an environment of healthy competition where employees will support each other, while also working hard on their own assignments. But when it comes to constructive criticism, have a one-on-one with your team member. Sharing this information in public will hurt their performance. As a manager, you should always build your team up, not put them down.

3. Turn negatives into positives.

Find a positive out of every situation. Did someone recently quit? Well, now that is an opportunity to find a more suitable employee who can bring unique skills to the company! Within every setback lies the opportunity to grow.Source: Business News Daily

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