Here's How To Create A Productive Work Environment

Marcus Perezi-Tormos
October 9, 2016
Here's How To Create A Productive Work Environment

Your work environment should provide a sense of comfort for all your team members. An inviting office space boosts productivity and overall morale.See below for some ideas to enhance your workspace to increase your employees' engagement:

Mind the furniture.

Although these are sometimes overlooked, proper chairs and desks are essential to the workspace. Make sure that your team members have comfortable chairs with armrests that are low enough to relax their shoulders and bend their elbows at 90 degrees. And ensure desks have an ideal height and area. Even consider using adjustable desks so employees can stand and work, too.

See the light.

Windows and natural light are great for the workplace because the sun makes people happier and more productive. If you can't get this light inside of your office space, use artificial lighting that properly substitutes.

Create a break room.

And consider how engaging and fun it can be. What would encourage employees to detach from work and engage socially with others? Consider having games, fitness equipment, or even a television.


A cluttered, disorganized workspace makes team members uncomfortable, thus resulting in lower productivity. Make sure the office space is presentable and tidy!Source: Entrepreneur

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