Here's How To Fix A Toxic Work Environment

Simon Rakosi
October 5, 2016
Here's How To Fix A Toxic Work Environment

Are your employees discouraged or disengaged in the workplace? This may be due to your work culture. Remember: unhappy workers are unproductive workers, and retention rates will decrease. When reversing a toxic work environment, don't just look at employee behavior; also examine the values in place. Here is a step-by-step guide to improve your work culture:

Identify problem behaviors.

What is the persisting issue in the workplace? Poor communication? Unrealistic deadlines? Understanding the problem always comes first.

Evaluate the underlying support network.

What values in the workplace are assisting these behaviors? Take a look at management first. For example, are you aggressive in your leadership? Are you not accountable?

Plan your repair strategy.

Don't try to tackle everything at once. Prioritize what issues are the most important. If you tackle problems that have the biggest impact first, smaller problems may simultaneously right themselves.

Implement your plan.

Actively listen to your team members so you know where there are barriers, if any.

Reflect and adapt.

Be patient -- changing the values in your workplace will take time. During the process, encourage and be open to your team's feedback. And reinforce open and honest communication with them.Source: AZ Big Media

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