You Should Develop These Four Important Leadership Qualities

David Mendlewicz
October 4, 2016
You Should Develop These Four Important Leadership Qualities

What are the characteristics of a great leader? Here is a list of stand-out leadership qualities to implement as a manager that will ensure engagement and happiness among your team members:


“It’s inevitable: We’re going to find ourselves in some real... situations, whether they’re costly mistakes, unexpected failures or unscrupulous enemies. Stoicism is, at its core, accepting and anticipating this in advance, so that you don’t freak out, react emotionally and aggravate things further. Train our minds, consider the worst-case scenarios and regulate our unhelpful instinctual responses—that’s how we make sure [these] situations don’t turn into fatal resolutions.”- Ryan Holiday, Author of The Obstacle is the Way and Former Director of Marketing, American Apparel


“It’s true that imitation is one of the greatest forms of flattery, but not when it comes to leadership—and every great leader in my life, from Mike Tomlin to Olympic ski coach Scott Rawles, led from a place of authenticity. Learn from others, read autobiographies of your favorite leaders, pick up skills along the way... but never lose your authentic voice, opinions and, ultimately, how you make decisions.”- Jeremy Bloom, Co-founder and CEO, Integrate


“If people aren’t aware of your expectations, and they fall short, it’s really your fault for not expressing it to them. The people I work with are in constant communication, probably to a fault. But communication is a balancing act. You might have a specific want or need, but it’s super important to treat work as a collaboration. We always want people to tell us their thoughts and ideas—that’s why we have all these very talented people working with us.”- Kim Kurlanchik Russen, Partner, TAO Group


“It’s a lot easier to assign blame than to hold yourself accountable. But if you want to know how to do it right, learn from financial expert Larry Robbins. He wrote a genuinely humble letter to his investors about his bad judgment that caused their investments to falter. He then opened up a new fund without management and performance fees—unheard of in the hedge fund world. This is character. This is accountability. It’s not only taking responsibility; it’s taking the next step to make it right.”- Sandra Carreon-John, SVP, M&C Saatchi Sport & Entertainment

Source: Entrepreneur

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