How To Help Your Employees Concentrate In An Open Office Environment

David Mendlewicz
October 9, 2016
How To Help Your Employees Concentrate In An Open Office Environment

Do your employees find it hard to concentrate in their open office environment? While these work settings foster more collaboration and activity between colleagues, lack of concentration tends to be a byproduct.What organizational strategies can you implement as a manager to help your team members? Here are 4 ideas!

Create designated quiet areas.

Even if there's limited space, set aside a room or two with available resources for employees to retreat and work remotely. Perhaps you can transform a conference area into a zen room.

Schedule quite times.

Designate a few, routine hours each day (or maybe each week) for quiet time. You can establish the schedule first, and then let your team members coordinate the times amongst themselves.

Encourage busy signals.

"A 'busy' symbol will notify coworkers not to disturb the worker during optimal moments of concentration."

Batch communications.

Sending too many emails and requests/demands to team members can frustrate and interrupt their concentration. When you have updates, try to send them all in one batch e-mail, or have just a quick meeting with your employees.Source: Entrepreneur

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