Help Your Employees Identify Their Passions

Marcus Perezi-Tormos
October 3, 2016
Help Your Employees Identify Their Passions

"Up to 87% of America's workforce is not able to contribute to their full potential because they don't have passion for their work." If passion is integral to the performance of a team, how can you direct your employees towards their own? You have to be in the mindset of a servant-leader: put your team and their aspirations first.Here are some ways to help your team members discover and unlock their passions at work:

Ask key questions after significant work milestones.

In advance of a new work experience, ask your employee what they hope to develop and grow from it. When you give a performance review, inquire what they want to learn more of. And during career development conversations, ask about their aspirations. As well, discuss how you can help them get to their goals.

Prioritize work at the intersection of passion and contribution.

Align your team members' interests within their roles. If your team member who works in marketing also has a passion for sales, perhaps you can find opportunities for her to assist the other department. However, be sure to not throw too many responsibilities at once, or else your employee will face burnout.

Know when it's time to help someone move on.

Unlocking an employee's passions may also mean realizing that their role has run its course. If it's time for them to find a new opportunity, assist and support them through the process. Remember: smart and creative talent typically have fast-paced careers, anyways.Source: HBR

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