Here's How To Make A More Positive Culture In Your Workplace

David Mendlewicz
July 27, 2016
Here's How To Make A More Positive Culture In Your Workplace

All company leaders should be keeping an eye on the culture of their workplace just as much as any other business function. And if you're managing a company that has grown over many years, the corporate culture may be difficult to change. It is up to you to detect when company culture is negative and shift your workplace to a more positive one.  Here are three steps to guide your corporate culture forward:1. Put strong leaders on the front lineCompany culture heavily relies on how strong your leadership team is. Great leaders will bring positive change into the workplace; ineffective, untrustworthy leaders will maintain a poor working environment for your team. This means you may have to replace some of your current leaders with stronger individuals that can provide the energy and diligence for everyone on the team.2. Define your desired culture The next step is to figure out exactly what your culture should be.  You need to create an environment that will be strong when your company faces its biggest challenges. Once you decide on the core values of your company, implement rules and strategies to maintain them, and make sure everyone is on board. This will help you detect which behaviors are harmful to the workplace.3. Take (transparent) actionThe last step -- once you have your strong leadership team and your desired culture and values -- is to put it all into action. You have to clearly and consistently express your vision and desired outcomes with your team. Once you set goals for your team, you must keep track of the progress. Honest communication is key; when your employees share their feedback, be open to it, and act on it. As well, when you see accomplishments, make sure to point them out.Source: Forbes

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