How Should You Establish Your Leadership Presence?

Marcus Perezi-Tormos
August 17, 2016
How Should You Establish Your Leadership Presence?

Your leadership presence has a significant effect on how your team perceives you as a manager. Your employees pay attention to what you say and do. So, how do you show that you are authentic and connected to your team? Here are 4 tips to "send the right leadership signals."1. Set a leadership values-based goalWhat do you consider your role as manager to be? What are your values? It's essential you make these definitions clear, so that your team can understand your actions. Furthermore, you have to make time for your team. Whether it's through planning, coaching, etc. -- show your team how you establish your leadership.2. Increase your emotional intelligence and situational awarenessWhat motivates your team, not just you? Ask yourself these questions when meeting with your employees:

  1. Who are you speaking with?
  2. Do you know their perspective?
  3. What influences them? What best motivates them?
  4. The situation at hand? What does it call for?
  5. Can you define the outcomes of this meeting? Are they optimal?

3. Be clear and direct, always with respectKnow your convictions, and always share why your team has to complete a task -- this goes back to the mission of the company. At the same time, be sure to actively listen to your employees. Acknowledge their thoughts and follow through. Remember: continuous and ongoing feedback is key.4. Bring a grounded presence in the face of stress or difficultyHow you lead can "sway everyone's emotions." Think about how you present yourself when difficult times arise. You are the example for your team's behavior when change occurs. With a stable presence, your team will be more comfortable sharing important (and even bad) information with you.Source: HBR

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