How To Assist Your Employees With Taking Breaks From Work

David Mendlewicz
August 3, 2016
How To Assist Your Employees With Taking Breaks From Work

Research has consistently shown that taking breaks from work are good for one's morale and overall productivity. Whether it's a sabbatical/leave, vacation, or just a few days off, breaks can really help your employees avoid burnout and improve personal health. Here are some tips on how managers can assist their employees with leaving and returning back to work.1. Help employees succeed upon their returnWhen a team member is ready to return, have projects for them to work on that can ease their transition back to the office. Find reasonable goals that your employee can achieve as they settle in, and be sure to check in on them. It's good to challenge them, while also ensuring they can handle the work.2. Be consistentIf you let one of your employees take a leave or have a more flexible schedule, then you must allow other people on your team to do the same. This lets your team know that everyone has the right to a fair work-life balance, and it eliminates any awkwardness in the workspace.3. Set a good exampleBe a model for good behavior; i.e. don't send emails or updates at unreasonable hours. For certain industries and projects, however, employees may be expected to work off the clock. In these cases, be very clear about what your expectations are, and be fair with your expectations.Remind your team that vacation time and flexible schedules are NOT signs of slacking off -- they are integral to the health of the individual, the team and the company as a whole. Advise your employees to "truly break away" when they are on leave, meaning to detach and de-plug from work completely. It helps them to be fully recharged when they're back.Source: Poynter

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