How to Motivate Employees During Tough Times

Simon Rakosi
June 30, 2017
How to Motivate Employees During Tough Times

Talent management is especially important for new companies as building strong leaders can lead to a sustainable competitive advantage. Butterfly’s Co-Founder Simon Rakosi recently shared with BuiltinNYC what start-ups can do to keep employees motivated during tough times. Here are the recommendations:Lead with the positiveBeing open in your communication towards employees is key during tough times.  So, be sure to explain why these tough times are necessary. Usually they will be caused by accelerated growth which in the long term is definitely a great thing!Over-communicateBe sure that the challenge you are facing, it's solution, and the way to get there, are crystal clear for your employees. They should all understand where they fit in the big picture. If you expect transparency within your teams - you need to reciprocate.

Give props

If your employees are giving it their all in face of the new challenge  be sure to let them know how much you appreciate their hard work. Give praise often and publicly every time you reach a small milestone on your roadmap.

Show the light at the end of the tunnel

Remind your employees of what work will be like after your challenge is overcome, and the new positive effects that will be here to stay. And when the storm has passed? Recap what you have all learned  and you'll be fully armed to address your next challenge.

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