Six Strategies To Make Work/Life Balance Better For Your Team

Simon Rakosi
July 27, 2016
Six Strategies To Make Work/Life Balance Better For Your Team

Work/life balance is generally defined as an equilibrium between work demands and one's personal life outside of the work environment. However, especially for the new generation of workers, this line is now blurred. While some employees enjoy working outside of office hours, some do not, for example.Here are six strategies to make this balance work for your team:

  1. No more boring presentations of work/life balance. Have real conversations with your team to ensure you're giving them what they need.
  2. Some employees don't like a formulaic schedule. Give them a choice to work in their own cycle.
  3. Evaluate employee performance on output rather than their input.
  4. Does your company tend to only reward presentism? If so, assess this.
  5. Don't mask bad leadership by framing it as a "work/life balance issue." If a supervisor is giving unreasonable hours to their employees, call them out on it.
  6. Don't be a hypocrite. If you're really concerned about your team's well-being, don't increase their workloads without good reason.

Source: Entrepreneur

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