Is Your Next Human Resources Leader Going To Drive Your Company Forward?

David Mendlewicz
August 10, 2016
Is Your Next Human Resources Leader Going To Drive Your Company Forward?

Now that the market for human resources is competitive, and that the landscape of the function is changing, you need to hire great talent to lead this space. Here are some ways to determine who to hire for HR leadership:1. Identify what you really need (and what you don't)Do you have a small HR team that needs a more hands-on leader with a background in business? Or do you need a leader that can bring C-suite executives together to build strategies? Ask those in your company that know what they need in human resources.2. Consider a unique pathDon't just take the easy way out and promote an existing HR manager. As the role of HR changes, think about an unique path, instead. Even consider someone outside of the human resources space. It's important to bring someone in that has experience in business operations.3. Make your opportunity special The potential leaders you choose probably have other opportunities to choose from, too. Be specific and intentional about the role, how it fits in the scope of your company and how it will move your business forward.Also, here are a couple of questions to ask your potential HR leaders in interviews: -What is the one skill you possess that will most impact our bottom line?What does their answer say about their leadership style? Do they show how they value people?-Tell me about a time you broke a rule/policy for an employee?Sometimes, you have to go beyond the rules to do what's right and put people first. Can they relate to employees at an individual level?Source: Forbes

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