How To Lead By Example

Simon Rakosi
June 30, 2016
How To Lead By Example

"Actions speak louder than words." We've all heard this before, and it's especially true for leaders. Your management title and respect don't just go hand-in-hand automatically. The best way to earn respect is to lead by example. So, here are some easy ways to do this:1. Roll up your sleeves.Is your team staying at the office late to finish an important project? Offer to stick around and help them, even for just one evening. This reminds your employees that you're also a team player. 2. Follow your rules.If you instruct your team members to be at their desks by 9 A.M. every morning, then make sure you're also doing the same.3. Be proactive, not reactive.A great leader is thoughtful in how they respond to a challenge. When conflict arises, take a deep breath, and be deliberate in your next steps.Source: Our new e-book Your First 50 Days, available for download! [button link="" size="large" text_size="beta" newtab="on"]Get Your Free Copy![/button]

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