Servant Leadership: How To Achieve Happiness In Your Team

Simon Rakosi
August 17, 2016
Servant Leadership: How To Achieve Happiness In Your Team

Servant leadership is about being there for your team regardless of the circumstances. This means, your employees shouldn't build their lives and off-time around you, but rather the other way around. Here are some concepts to consider when regulating your team's work/life balance:Work-life balance correlates to overall happinessBased on the study we conducted last year, we concluded that work-balance life was the driver with the strongest correlation to overall team happiness. Millennials aren't looking for "superficial perks," but rather prefer a balanced lifestyle with managers who care about their health and development.As a servant leader, your employees' priorities should be yours. If you care about their well-being, then you should be a resource for them on an ongoing basis. This means be there for them on a late weekend night, if needed. And the idea of managers being able to source feedback from their employees at all times is the purpose of Butterfly.Value achievement over activityHaving your employees put in extra hours doesn't mean you'll get results. Yes, you may see short-term results, but ultimately, your team will reach burnout, and your work culture will fail. Measure performance by milestones and goals, not by how many hours your team can work.-> Remember: actions speak louder than words. So, continue to explore different avenues to show your employees that you care about their growth and well-being.Source: Workforce

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