Leadership Tips To Learn Outside Of The Classroom

Simon Rakosi
August 3, 2016
Leadership Tips To Learn Outside Of The Classroom

Business school can give you a great foundation of leadership skills that are necessary to grow a company. However, there is more to leadership than what you learn in a classroom.  Many of these skills are acquired through experience and over time. Here are 4 leadership tips for business starters:Tip #1: Scale slowly and organicallyIf you're working towards growing your business, don't be concerned about having a strict structure. Pay more attention to automating processes in your business. In turn, this gives you more time to focus on other tasks.Tip #2: Get ready to sacrificeEvery business leader will have to sacrifice something in order to reach the results they desire. Business mogul Barbara Corcoran shared how in her early career, she had to to take up a job that she didn't want in order to save her company. So, remember: temporary sacrifices lead to long-term success.Tip #3: Diversify early and oftenThis means to get involved with side projects to sustain your business. Especially for entrepreneurs that may not get the best funding in the early phases, side gigs can help keep your company running. Exploring different projects can also open the door to future business opportunities.Tip #4: Practice gratitudeShowing gratitude to your employees builds better relationships with them, which is integral for success in a company. Practicing gratitude helps you emotionally by alleviating stress, as well as "helps you gain a foothold on the work-life balance" that every worker needs.Source: Entrepreneur

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