Maintaining Culture During High Growth

David Mendlewicz
December 18, 2018
Maintaining Culture During High Growth

“Bridging the Gap: Maintaining Culture During High Growth” brought together HR professionals of varying seniority, perspectives and individuals from companies with a few hundred employees to several thousand."Culture is a priority that impacts an organization’s entire ecosystem. From welcoming new team members to nurturing existing ones, there is always a delicate balance. When your company is experiencing fast growth, culture can’t fall by the wayside. Instead, ask what are the most critical aspects of culture to address? How can my organization grow rapidly without sacrificing its unique culture?Our panel, “Bridging the Gap: Maintaining Culture During High Growth,” examined the topic from the perspectives of academia, human resources and management. Panelists discussed the science behind maintaining culture and shared tips on how to apply these ideas in the workplace now.

Here, we summed up our top three takeawaysfrom the robust discussion:

1. Always keep in mind the vision of your organization, your “North Star”.This will help you see where outside talent could bring value.2. Be rigorous about hiring for the culture you want.Find people who will elevate your business, embrace flexibility and be able to work in ambiguity—key elements to success at startups.3. Work with local leadership to ensure that everyone—whether abroad, working remotely or in the office—feels included in celebrations, reorganizations, strategic decisions and more. Communication is key.

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