Why Your Office Space Should Be Similar To A Casino

David Mendlewicz
October 9, 2016
Why Your Office Space Should Be Similar To A Casino

If you've ever been to a casino, you'll remember how inviting the atmosphere was. Casinos are designed to maximize the satisfaction of their consumers. The goal is to make sure everyone is comfortable, engaged and wants to stay. And that's how you should frame your office space, too! Here are 5 strategies to guide you:

Create excitement and gamify work.

You can use digital signage to show achievements. Let's say a salesperson makes a significant profit for the company? You can have signage displaying fireworks with that employee's photo. This not only encourages healthy competition, but also builds community within your team.

Improve traffic flow.

"Using a series of short passages instead of long hallways creates more intimate spaces where customers don't feel overwhelmed." Provide a flow in the office so that employees can run into each other more often. These informal moments are essential for developing social relationships, as well as exchanging creative ideas.

Leverage signage.

Use signs to promote important activities and events, from seminars, to contests, to wellness programs.

Rearrange the environment.

Does your office space need a little refreshing? Revamping? After considerable time, you'll have to change the space in order to improve team interactions and workflow.

And provide free drinks!

Research shows that most employees agree that good, free coffee is the best perk to show them appreciation. Also, having a coffee/drink station encourages team members to informally interact with each other.Source: Entrepreneur

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