Reverse Troubling Morale Trends

Marcus Perezi-Tormos
June 28, 2016
Reverse Troubling Morale Trends

It's easy to determine if your work environment is good or rocky once you have a constant pulse on how engaged your team is. If you start to notice a dip in your team's morale, you need to step up as a leader and figure out what's ailing your team. Remember: bad vibes will spread much faster than good ones, so it's important to proactively address any negative feelings within your team.So, here is how you should develop your course of action:1. Always start by soliciting feedback from your team.And make sure that you are actively listening to all their responses.2. Determine if the issue is isolated (i.e. within a person), or if it's across a team.If it's an individual issue, you can deal with that on a one-to-one basis. If it's a bigger problem, think of more sweeping steps to benefit the team.3. Consider enlisting HR for help.If morale is affecting your team's productivity, use HR as an ally. Lean on their expertise and experience to figure out solutions.Pro-tip: Before you come up with a solution, look at the cause of a problem first. For example, giving out perks like team dinners sound great, but if the morale issue is about growth opportunities, then that strategy wouldn't solve the problem at hand.[button link="butterfly.test/ebook/first-50-days-managers-leaders.html" size="large" text_size="beta"]Download E-book![/button]

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