How To Set An Example For Work-life Balance

Evelyn Cools
September 7, 2016
How To Set An Example For Work-life Balance

As a manger, you set the example for your team's work-life balance. See below for some strategies to help you model the right balance:1. Communicate that the organization's success is NOT a sprint.Communicate to your team that working intensely and extending work hours are not the best (or only) metrics for success. Verbally communicate this, and show them by example that it's okay to take breaks and rest when they need to.2. Hire enough staff, and take turns taking time off.Teams at Boston Consulting Group collaborated to create a shared goal for each person who takes time off. They assigned one team member to cover for each person who's away. This reinforces that work is still efficient even when someone's absent. This also shows that employees can trust their colleagues while they're away. Consider using a similar strategy so that your team feels comfortable taking time off.3. Redistribute work more evenly.Don't assign too much work to one person, even if they're stellar with that particular task. Spread assignments more evenly to prevent burnout and eventual turnover. Also, the more assignments that are distributed, the more learning opportunities employees have.4. Set and keep boundaries.If you need flexibility in your schedule, communicate to your team that they also have that option. For example, if you need to work from home on Monday mornings, other team members could have that option too.Source: HBR

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