Three Strategies For Taking Effective Breaks

Marcus Perezi-Tormos
October 6, 2016
Three Strategies For Taking Effective Breaks

Working strenuous, interrupted hours may feel like productivity, but it's not. As a manager, it's your job to enforce a system where your team members can take breaks and re-charge. Here are three strategies for taking effective breaks:

For your employees:

Structure breaks.

Encourage your team members to use the Pomodoro Technique. This strategy involves taking a 5-minute break after every 25 minutes of work. Or if an employee can't fit in frequent breaks into their schedule, they can take breaks after routine tasks.

A wandering mind is a productive mind.

Doing nothing actually helps your brain. Research shows that idle time optimizes cognitive brain functions. For example, having time to rest can help you identify solutions to problems and carry out mental processes. Remind your team members that when they take breaks, they should not engage on their phones or work on any task.

For yourself:

Synchronize your social breaks.

Synchronize your breaks with team members so you can chat and engage with them. This will simultaneously help you build and strengthen relationships with your employees.Source: Entrepreneur

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