How Team Lunches Can Improve Your Work Culture

Marcus Perezi-Tormos
August 17, 2016
How Team Lunches Can Improve Your Work Culture

Incorporating team lunches is a great tool to truly engage with your team. Also, this helps to provide a sense of family and community  for your employees. Here are 4 reasons why sitting and eating with your team on a regular basis benefits everyone's work culture.1. A closer teamEating with your team regularly opens the lines of communication, making it easier for people of different parts of the company to bond. This helps employees to feel comfortable talking to and confiding in each other. So, even consider catering meals to have a "family-style" lunches when you can.2. Better retentionEating lunch together can improve the relationships between employees; this helps boost the morale of your team. And people are more eager to stick around at a job if they have friends at their workplace.3. Appreciated employeesAlso, use team lunches for celebratory purposes. Let's say your employees exceeded expectations on their last quarterly assessment... have a pizza party! Therefore, this will show your team that you appreciate them for all of their hard work.4. Accessible leadersSitting down with your team for lunch can remove any corporate barriers that employees may be feeling. So, pair yourself up with different groups of employees, eat with them and don't set an agenda. And just let the conversations flow as they go.Source: Entrepreneur

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