What Does Your Team Need For Work-life Balance?

David Mendlewicz
October 9, 2016
What Does Your Team Need For Work-life Balance?

Work-life balance sounds simple in theory. But in practice, it can be much more challenging. Especially with pressing deadlines and after-hours work, the line between work and life can blur.How do you approach this challenge in your workplace? How balanced your employees are heavily depends on you. Are you showing them that you value their time and health? Here is what you should provide for your team:


Give your team members access to workplace tools via their mobile devices. This ensures that your employees can get their work done even if they're away from the office.


Can your employees fulfill their job functions while working remotely? Do your team members need more flexible hours? Giving your team members flexibility in their schedules results in higher efficiency in their work. And it shows that you can trust your team, also resulting in higher productivity.

Open communication

"Employers can utilize different tools and offer many [perks] and incentives, but arguably the most important is having leadership that is present."

Take interest in your employees and their work-life balance. Encourage open and honest communication with each other. This is an easy way for them to understand your expectations.Source: Business 2 Community

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