Want To Be A Great Leader? Embody These Traits.

David Mendlewicz
October 6, 2016
Want To Be A Great Leader? Embody These Traits.

What are the characteristics of a great leader? Here is a list of leadership qualities to embody as a manager that will ensure engagement among your team members:


“In order to achieve greatness, you must create a culture of optimism. There will be many ups and downs, but the prevalence of positivity will keep the company going. But be warned: This requires fearlessness. You have to truly believe in making the impossible possible.”—Jason Harris, CEO, Mekanism


“My main goal has always been to offer the best of myself. We all grow—as a collective whole—when I’m able to build up others and help them grow as individuals.”—Christopher Perilli, CEO, Pixel Mobb


“A great leader once told me, ‘persistence beats resistance.’ And after working at Facebook, Intel and Microsoft and starting my own company, I’ve learned two major lessons: All great things take time, and you must persist no matter what. That’s what it takes to be a leader: willingness to go beyond where others will stop.”—Noah Kagan, Chief Sumo, appsumo


“It takes insight every day to be able to separate that which is really important from all the incoming fire. It’s like wisdom—it can be improved with time, if you’re paying attention, but it has to exist in your character."—Raj Bhakta, founder, WhistlePig Whiskey


“It takes real leadership to find the strengths within each person on your team and then be willing to look outside to plug the gaps. It’s best to believe that your team alone does not have all the answers— because if you believe that, it usually means you’re not asking all the right questions.”—Nick Woolery, global director of marketing, Stance Socks

Source: Entrepreneur

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