Why You Should Invest In Your Employees

David Mendlewicz
October 3, 2016
Why You Should Invest In Your Employees

Productivity in the workplace is highly dependent on how much you, as a manager, invest in your employees. What resources do your team members need? What work conditions are best for them? Here are different strategies to motivate your team:

Wages and benefits

Are you offering a fair, competitive salary to your employees? And are you including benefits, such as improved healthcare plans? Assess if the effort and work your employees are putting in accurately matches their pay.

Education and professional development

Offer training and development programs for your employees to advance in their skill sets and goals. Perhaps an employee needs training on a specific tool, or an employee wants to attend a conference. Set a budget aside for educational expenses. If your team feels that they are progressing in their career, they are more motivated to work.

Time and energy

"An inspired employee is more than twice as productive as a satisfied employee." You can drive inspiration by providing more autonomy and agility in your employees' roles. Great ideas that drive productivity come from team members that have sufficient time and energy. So, also consider giving employees unstructured time so they can explore new ideas.Source: HBR

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