Work-Life Balance Apps To Share With Your Team

David Mendlewicz
September 20, 2016
Work-Life Balance Apps To Share With Your Team

Creating a balance for your employees is easier than ever with the help of mobile technology. Here are 4 incredible work-life balance apps to encourage overall wellness in your team:


ATracker: This app tracks how long an individual spends on each item of business. Consider implementing this at work meetings and encouraging employees to use this for personal assignments.Zapier: With this, connect more than 140+ apps together (i.e. Slack, MailChimp) to "automate repetitive tasks in the background." Having your team members use this will allow them to focus their time and energy on more important projects.


Headspace: Headspace is a wonderful mindfulness app. With meditation and wellness tools, it promotes happiness and compassion. This is especially useful for any team members who experience burnout and stress in the workplace.

General life management

Week Plan: This is a calendar and to-do list in one. Schedule tasks simply into the app (with reminders), and check them off as they are completed. Your employees can ensure they have time for activities that matter to them outside of work.Source: Forbes

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