Key To Work-Life Balance: Hit The Pause Button

Simon Rakosi
October 9, 2016
Key To Work-Life Balance: Hit The Pause Button

Achieving work-life balance for your team isn't an easy task, especially when there's high work demands and when your employees are constantly connected (via technology). But, one of the best ways to integrate this balance is knowing when to hit the pause button.Research explicates that overwork is not just detrimental to the affected employee, but to the company. It typically results in disengagement, absenteeism and higher turnover.Putting in more hours doesn't necessarily mean more productivity. Research shows that productivity drops after working 55 hours. A recent Justworks survey also determined that "42% of employees would take a lower-paying job if it offered a greater degree of workplace flexibility."

The take-away:

As a manager, it's your job to encourage and enforce your team to unplug from the workplace. If feasible, you can offer unlimited paid time off (PTO) to your employees. If not, still encourage your staff to recharge and take time off. And discourage your employees from going on "working" vacations. Remind them that when they are on break, they need to completely detach from work.Also, consider offering flexible hours or the freedom for employees to "work from home" when they choose. This communicates how you appreciate your team for all their work, too. And by giving them a say in how they commit to the company, they will feel more empowered.Source: Entrepreneur

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