The employee experience managers and teams deserve

Now, every manager can easily create and strengthen their connection with any team member through Butterfly. No wonder HR loves it and managers actually use it.

Butterfly Supports over 30,000 managers around the world

Unique features to bring you closer to your teams

Butterfly gives managers what they need to know about how their teams are feeling right now and empowers them to immediately follow up and act on that feedback.

We do the hard work so you can focus on what’s important

Every manager becomes a leader who knows their people and drives engagement, and creates happier teams.

All while providing a wealth of data to HR and senior leaders.

Product Features

Reach all your teams wherever they work

We make reaching people in every corner of your company, at any worksite, simple and effective. Say goodbye to unwieldy, impersonal assessments and now-and-then, top-down engagement surveys.

Team Settings