Great Managers Make Great Teams.

Butterfly provides a data-driven approach for first line managers to get feedback, initiate conversations with their teams and strengthen their leadership skill to yield a more engaged and productive workforce.

Why Butterfly?

Without a great leader, no team can win the battle. That’s why the best managers work on their leadership skills first. And that’s where we come in… Butterfly helps you build the most important relationship: between you and your team. How? By getting feedback from employees and turning it into clear action steps. Once you lead your team with the highest precision, watch your team’s productivity soar… …and your customer satisfaction with it. Welcome to the “Butterfly Effect”!

Deployment & Integrations

Want to get started quickly? Butterfly offers an overnight activation with easy-to-deploy kiosks to a more fully-integrated approach within any of your current systems. In either mode, employees who don’t sit at desks will be able to provide feedback as easily as employees in an office setting.

Pulse Feedback

Butterfly’s academically-backed Drivers & questions can be used for all of your employee feedback needs providing HR and managers with timely, actionable feedback to meet specific requirements of your organization.

Real-Time Dashboard

Our real-time dashboard makes data analysis easy at every level in the organization whether you have two teams or two thousand. Butterfly is a simple and scalable solution regardless of company size or location.

Personalized Leadership Tips

Butterfly provides managers with weekly leadership tips, designed to help them take meaningful action to impact team morale and productivity.

“The Secret To Wellbeing At Work Is…. Leadership.”