Are Your Remote Employees Still Engaged?

Marcus Perezi-Tormos
October 9, 2016
Are Your Remote Employees Still Engaged?

Global Analytics Workplace found that approx. 80% of employees consider teleworking to be a job perk. Research also found that 36% of employees would prefer working from home over a pay increase.

Here are some of the benefits of teleworking for remote employees:

  • Reduces attrition
  • Reduces unscheduled absences
  • Equalizes personalities and reduces potential for discrimination
  • Cuts down on wasted meetings
  • Increases employee empowerment
  • Increases collaboration
  • Expands the talent pool
  • Improves performance measurement systems

So, we understand the advantages -- but the challenge is now engagement. How can you create a feeling of camaraderie for employees that work remotely? How can you help these individuals feel like they're a part of the team, too? Here are a few ideas:

  • Leverage technology to bridge the distance between remote employees and rest of team
  • Coordinate face-to-face social gatherings with remote workers and team
  • Create informal channels of communication outside of work topics
  • Gamify the work to encourage collaboration and interaction between all team members
  • Create opportunities for remote works to volunteer with other team members

Source: Forbes

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