Why People Should Take Human Resources More Seriously

David Mendlewicz
July 27, 2016
Why People Should Take Human Resources More Seriously

It is an unfortunate fact that most companies do not respect their human resources departments as much as other operations. See below for how we debunk the negative perceptions people have of HR.Myth: "HR doesn't contribute to the bottom line."Truth: How productive a team is heavily depends on how happy its employees are. Engaged employees are 22 percent more productive than disconnected ones. Therefore, the impact and revenue that a business can earn links right back to HR, since they are the ones responsible for keeping a strong company culture.Myth: "HR makes things harder than they need to be."Truth: HR exists to make the lives of employees much easier. Human resources helps people feel better about their roles and teams, and uses employee feedback to put solutions into action. And with the use of technology (e.g. Butterfly), HR can get this feedback anonymously to make effective change.Myth: "HR primarily focuses on admin tasks and do not have a strategic function."Truth: Yes, human resources is responsible for typical management operations (i.e. payroll), but their main focus is people development. HR should be a team of visionaries that know how to educate employees, seek and grow talent, and build a transparent culture within a company.If talent distinguishes good companies from great ones, and human resources is responsible for talent, then companies must ensure that their HR teams are taken more seriously.Source: Workforce

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