Why Your Team Members Should Take Sabbaticals

Marcus Perezi-Tormos
October 4, 2016
Why Your Team Members Should Take Sabbaticals

More companies are now offering longer-term vacations and sabbaticals to their employees. This upward trend is mostly due to two reasons -- it benefits both the sabbatical takers and the organization.

Benefits for the individual

For those on sabbatical, these longer-term vacations allow them to rest up and recharge. Research shows that these individuals typically decrease in stress levels and increase in their overall well-being upon return to work. And interestingly, these positive changes remain long after these employees return to work.

Benefits for the company

Sabbaticals can benefit your business by allowing you to stress-test the organizational chart. It also gives some employees the opportunity to fill interim leadership roles. Research shows that these interim leaders generate more ideas and are more confident in their roles. As well, there is more effective collaboration between these interim employees and leaders who return from sabbaticals.Sabbaticals are not just for employees in the academia field. Consider how you can enforce longer-term vacations to benefit both your team members and your business.Source: HBR

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